Joe Biden: Donald Trump is honored on the Christmas tree

Joe Biden
Donald Trump is honored on the Christmas tree

A photo of Donald and Melania Trump on the Christmas tree by Joe and Jill Biden.

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One of the Christmas trees in the White House is decorated with very special ornaments. Among other things, there is a photo of Donald Trump hanging there.

This year’s Christmas decorations at the White House were unveiled on Monday by Jill Biden, 70, the wife of incumbent US President Joe Biden, 79. The motto “gifts from the heart” is presented differently in each room. For example, the White House library is decorated with butterflies made from recycled paper that fly out of books to commemorate the “gift of learning”.

A detail in the banquet room of the official seat of the President of the United States attracted particular attention. On the subject of “family gifts”, the first lady has decorated a Christmas tree with gold-framed photos of past and present “first families”.

In addition to the Obamas, Kennedys and Co. there is also a picture of former President Donald Trump (75) and his wife Melania Trump (51). “Every family that has made this house their home reminds us all of the enduring love and bonds of the family,” quoted the “New York Post” from a White House statement on this particular tree ornament.

Balls, candles and a white house made of gingerbread

The decoration of the White House for the year 2021 includes a total of 41 Christmas trees, around 6,000 meters of gift ribbon, over 10,000 pieces of jewelry and more than 300 candles. Almost 79,000 lights were used to decorate the trees, wreaths, garlands and other Christmas decorations in the White House.

Twenty-five classic wreaths adorn the north and south sides of the building, while the banquet room also features a gigantic white gingerbread house and eight detailed replicas of community buildings depicting workers at the forefront.

It took more than 100 volunteers about a week to decorate the White House inside and out.


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