Joe Biden falls on stage during a military ceremony

US President Joe Biden, 80, suffered a seemingly harmless fall during a military ceremony on Thursday in Colorado Springs, in the western United States. The Democrat, who had just presented diplomas to Air Force Academy students in Colorado, fell forward, landing on his knees and hands, after apparently tripping over a black bag.

Joe Biden, whose age and physical form are a constant subject of attack by some of his political opponents, then got up with the help of a soldier at his side and his bodyguards. We saw him pointing to this bag, visibly used to ballast a device on the scene, as if to explain the reason for its fall. The president, candidate for the 2024 election against Republican Donald Trump in particular, attended the end of the ceremony, not seeming immediately affected by the fall.

Biden in good health, according to his latest medical report

The White House did not immediately give any information on the incident and its possible consequences, but ended up being reassuring. Its director of communications, Ben LaBolt, assures that the American president “is fine”. and evokes the presence of a “sandbag” on the scene which would therefore have tripped Joe Biden.

In June 2022, an image of the president falling during a bike ride had already caused a stir. Again, Joe Biden got up and suffered no particular physical consequences. The Democrat’s most recent health check, in February, found him to be in good health. But according to polls, the majority of Americans believe he is too old to run for a second term.

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