Joe Biden restores the image of the United States abroad without erasing doubts about the American democratic model

The impact is spectacular. Since the arrival of Joe Biden at the White House, the image of the President of the United States among Washington’s main allies has improved considerably, and it is pulling in its wake that of his country according to the barometer held for two decades the Pew Research Center, published Thursday 10 June. This survey concerns a dozen countries, mainly European, where polls were conducted in March and April.

In 2020, only 26% of respondents in Germany had a favorable image of the United States, they are now 59%. This improvement is similar in France where the positive opinions go from 31% to 65%, as in Canada (from 35% to 61%), in Australia (from 33% to 48%), or in Japan (from 41% to 71%). %).

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This very strong improvement is due in large part to the qualities which are attributed to the former vice-president of Barack Obama. While overwhelming majorities in the fifteen or so countries surveyed viewed his predecessor, Donald Trump, as ” dangerous “(72%) and” arrogant “(90%), Joe Biden is judged on the contrary” qualified (77%, instead of 16% for the Republican) to exercise his functions. Larger majorities also see it as a ” strong leader ”(62%, instead of 46 for Donald Trump).

The image of American democracy is now weakened

This skill is illustrated in the improvement of the judgment made on the management of the Covid-19 epidemic by the United States, even if they remain clearly behind on this point by Germany, China or all. from European countries. In 2020, only 15% of people surveyed in the selected countries felt that the United States had managed the pandemic well: they are 37% now think so.

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Majorities once again overwhelming (75% instead of 17% for his predecessor) are also confident in the ability of Joe Biden to take ” good decisions in foreign policy “. This is particularly true in Sweden (85% instead of 15% for Donald Trump in 2020), in France (74% instead of 11%) or in Germany (78% instead of 10%). The main axes stated by Joe Biden are also acclaimed such as the return to the World Health Organization (86%), that within the Paris climate agreement (82%), or the project of summit of democracies (85%).

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