Joe Biden signs legislation providing $40 billion in aid to Ukraine

with AFP


US President Joe Biden has signed the law passed by Congress on Thursday providing a gigantic $ 40 billion envelope for the Ukrainian war effort against Russia, the White House announced on Saturday.

Mr. Biden ratified this text during his official trip to South Korea. The law includes six billion dollars to allow Ukraine to equip itself with armored vehicles and strengthen its anti-aircraft defense, according to the same source. On Twitter, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked his American counterpart, saying he was “grateful”.

“The support of the executive branch of the (United States), President Biden and the American people for the fight of (Ukraine) against the Russian aggressor is crucial,” he added, using miniature flags to instead of country names.

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“2 billion euros in total” since the start of the war, according to the head of EU diplomacy

“We look forward to this important and new help. It is now more necessary than ever, ”he added, in this tweet published in English and Ukrainian. On Saturday morning, Moscow – which launched the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 – assured that it had destroyed a large shipment of weapons in northwestern Ukraine, notably supplied by the United States.

The Ukrainian war effort against Russia is backed up by significant financial and material support from Western countries. On May 13, the European Union thus announced that it would provide additional military aid of 500 million euros to Ukraine in order to help it defend itself against the Russian invasion. Or “2 billion euros in total” since the start of the war, according to the head of diplomacy of the European Union Josep Borrell.

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