Joe Biden, worker president

Editorial. After four years of noise and fury, we were waiting for the American version of the “normal president”. Installed in the White House barely two weeks after the trauma of the capture of the Capitol by insurgents supporters of Donald Trump, Joe Biden had for primary responsibility to restore calm and dignity at the head of the United States of America. In a hundred days, he accomplished this mission.

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On the other hand, he was quick to shake up the image of pre-retirement that had been assigned to him a little abusively, at the end of an electoral campaign weighed down by a devastating Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as he arrived in the Oval office, at 78, the centrist Joe Biden took a radical turn. From his five decades in the Senate and then in the White House, as vice-president of Barack Obama, he has learned a lesson, which he has applied since January 20 to the exceptional situation in which he found the country: the primacy of the political .

It was necessary to break with the Trump presidency to dispel the deep malaise. Politics therefore ordered his successor to go fast, to think big and to strike hard. America was sick and homeopathy was out of the question. Neither should we think of negotiating a consensual program with the Republican opposition: after years of polarization, Donald Trump’s party is not in this state of mind.

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The accumulation of crises, finally, since the financial crisis of 2008, and the constant rise of inequalities demanded a radical change. The economic toolbox from which its predecessors had drawn has been put away.

Farewell, Ronald Reagan

Democrat Joe Biden promised American workers to “Rebuild America, for the better”. Turning his back on the orthodoxy of numerical indices, pushed by his left, he keeps this course, that of the rehabilitation of the middle and popular classes. It was their downgrading and their anger that stripped Barack Obama of his majority in Congress, then carried Donald Trump to the White House. Never again.

On Wednesday April 28, Joe Biden therefore presented his “American Family Plan”, a monumental $ 1.8 trillion social program to fight inequalities.

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It completes a “American Jobs Plan” even more massive. If they are adopted by Congress, they will be added to the 1,900 billion support plan already voted to offset the drop in economic activity due to the pandemic. All the power of the federal state is called upon. The rich and the corporations will pay more taxes. Farewell, Ronald Reagan.

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Will Joe Biden win his daring bet? At the head of a competent and disciplined team, he gives himself the means. He succeeded in accelerating the vaccination campaign in which Trump had opportunely invested. The country, however, remains very divided, and tensions are high. Police smears continue to mourn the black community, the scourge of firearms continues its macabre work, migratory pressure and the influx of unaccompanied minors threaten to turn into a crisis.

Abroad, facing China, President Biden can at least boast of having reconnected with the allies of the United States. Washington’s return to the multilateral system, particularly in the fight against climate change, and its initiatives on international taxation are welcome. There too, he will be judged on documents; mistrust has not disappeared. It will probably take a lot more than a hundred days.

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