JoeyStarr quiz at the cinema: only a true fan of the rapper will be faultless!

On display this week in the comedy Les Gagnants, JoeyStarr has a string of roles in cinema and television. How well do you know the career of the rapper?

In the comedy Les Gagnants, Nicolas (Alban Ivanov) and Nabil (AZ) have won a competition and are going to spend a week in Marseille with their idol, Tom Leroy (JoeyStarr). They will be filmed live on the networks. Problem: the two winners are balls…

This is the 29th feature film by the rapper, who began his acting career in 2000. Comedy, thrillers, voice dubbing, series… JoeyStarr has a string of projects. In 9 questions, find out if you know anything about his career!

Did you know ?

The film is the first feature film directed by Azedine Bendjilali (AZ) and Laurent Junca. Discovered on the stage of the Jamel Comedy Club, AZ is a humorist, we can see him in particular on Laurent Ruquier’s showwe are livet. He performed in the early 2020s at L’Européen before starting a tour in France and a show at La Cigale. Laurent Junca is the director of his shows.

AZ, who also performs (with José) Pra Voar, the original soundtrack of the feature film, shares the poster with another comedian from the Jamel Comedy Club, Alban Ivanov. I

vanov is a regular in comedies. After Les Gagnants, he will appear in 3 other films: Les SEGPA (April 20) and Le Médecin imaginaire (April 27) and Les Folies fermières (May 11).

For his part, JoeyStarr has also played in many comedies since we saw him in particular in RRRrrrr!!! (2003), Sleight of Hand (2007), Love Lasts Three Years (2011), Max (2012), Les Seigneurs (id.), Les Gorilles (2014), Ibiza (2018) and Tout Simplement Noir (2020) ).

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