Jogging outfit: This is important when it comes to running clothes

Do you want to move more and do something for your health? With the right jogging outfit, you can get started right away and run a few laps outside.

It’s never too late for New Year’s resolutions. Whether you start jogging at the beginning of the year or towards the middle or the end. In the end, what matters is that you do something for yourself and think of yourself. And especially if you sit at home in the home office a lot or do an office job in general, is Jogging is a welcome change. Fresh air included!

Are you still missing the right drive? Often the right clothing is already motivatingto start a new hobby. Because if you’ve already invested a bit of money, it is usually easier to start with. When you look in your wardrobe, you just can’t find anything that you could use for your jogging outfit? No problem, because we have put together the most important running clothing for you.

Jogging outfit: the perfect companion for your run

Jogging is many people’s favorite pastime. Understandable if you consider the many positive properties. Running not only trains the legs, it also has a positive effect on the entire body. Regular endurance training strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems.

The right jogging outfit is not that easy and quick to find in the weather. Because who doesn’t know it: It’s cool outside, you dress warmly and after just a few kilometers you feel too hot in that outfit. Especially in the transition between the different seasons, we often stand at a loss in front of the wardrobe.

Not with us, because we have selected the perfect jogging outfit for you.

Running shoes

Quality Running shoes are the be-all and end-all for every runner in a jogging outfit, so they can cost a little more. Because what many forget when jogging: The joints are loaded with two to three times their body weight. Bad shoes can lead to pain and damage in the joints. The most important thing is the cushioning of the running shoe.

Breathable running clothing

Breathable running clothing, often also known as functional clothing, makes running more comfortable. The reason: They conduct sweat to the outside and do not absorb it like conventional clothing. This keeps the skin relatively dry and you can continue running in your jogging outfit.

Ensure a comfortable fit in the running shoe Running socks. If possible, these should not have a high percentage of cotton, as this prevents the moisture from being stored in the socks.

It looks similar with Running pants and -shirts the end. Use thin fabrics instead of thick ones, even if you always get a little cold at the beginning. After ten minutes at the latest, you will be happy that you have no thick fabric on your skin, because then the body begins to slowly rise and warmth spreads out.

Sports bra

A must for every woman in jogging outfit is this Sports bra, this is particularly important because the chest is exposed to strong stretching and tensile loads when jogging. It also offers your chest a strong hold. If you do without it, it is much more pleasant for you as a runner, but it also promotes the development of sagging breasts. And nobody really wants that!

For wet and cold days

If it’s cold, stormy and wet outside and you are still motivated to go jogging, you should wear your jogging outfit necessarily several thin layers Wear on top of each other as a thick layer of clothing. Make sure that you do not wear loose clothing in order to avoid the ingress of unnecessary cold.

The first layer of your jogging outfit should consist of tight-fitting functional underwear. In winter, runners enjoy z. B. at one Cycling shorts. the keeps you warm and does not pinch while running. Also a Functional undershirt is now used with pleasure.

A second layer is recommended Functional shirt or Longsleeve. To keep the rest of the body nice and warm, you should also think of a third layer. This can vary depending on the weather one wind- and waterproof functional jacket or one warming Fleece jacket be.

One Cap or a Headband, gloves as well as a half storm mask warm you additionally during this time. You should rather do without a classic scarf, because it moves back and forth while jogging and is more of a nuisance.


In order to be able to measure your running distance, your running pace and the calories burned while jogging, one supports you Smartwatch. You can also see your pulse via it. So you always have your health in view. Best of all, you can also connect it to your AirPods and listen to music anytime.

Drinking bottle

Do you need something to drink in between and during your jogging breaks? Then take a small one for jogging Drinking bottle with. The best thing to do is to make sure that it has a practical loop so that you can hold it well and, above all, comfortably at all times – without it becoming a disruptive factor when jogging. And if you’d rather stow it away while you’re doing it, one will help you Belt pouch with bottle holder. Which, by the way, also offers space for small, personal items.

Next to your jogging outfit Motivation and fun important accessories that help you jog and especially persevere.

What influences your choice of jogging outfit?

  1. weather: Whether the sun is shining, it is raining or it is cloudy outside plays an important role when choosing your running clothes. Is it z. B. totally cold, but the sun is shining, it doesn’t seem as cold to you as when it is cloudy or raining.
  2. wind: If there is pulling from all sides, you are very likely to be cold even while jogging, because the wind makes the actual number of degrees feel colder than when there is no wind.
  3. temperature: The temperature is decisive for whether you want to go jogging in long or short sportswear. Note that everyone experiences a different sensation of warmth and cold.

    To you a Rule of thumb to be able to give, remember: The real temperature plus 10 degrees corresponds roughly to the temperature you will feel while running.

  4. tempo: The faster and more intensely you run, the less warm you have to choose your jogging outfit, because the more warmth your body produces.
  5. Your own feelings: In the end, what counts is how you feel in your jogging outfit that day. If you’ve been rather cold the whole time, you can dress warmer. If you sweat quickly, put on airy running clothes.

This is why jogging is so popular

  • simple sport without having to remember exercises or the like
  • requires little equipment
  • no time or space restrictions
  • no age restrictions
  • Regular jogging strengthens the immune system and the body’s defenses
  • great for switching off from everyday life
  • Increase in memory, creativity, ability to concentrate and react
  • Release of happiness hormones after prolonged running
  • Strengthening your own attitude and a healthy self-confidence
  • can improve the quality of sleep

Are you motivated now? Well then, put your running shoes on and out!

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