Jogi Löw: "More often a time out" for the national coach


National coach Joachim "Jogi" Löw celebrates his 60th birthday tomorrow (Monday, February 3). "I'm not really a friend of very big parties on my birthday myself," he told "Welt am Sonntag". He prefers to celebrate in small groups "with a glass of red wine with the family and a few friends. And it will be like this again". After the 50th birthday, however, he said that he would also celebrate the 60th in a larger context. "I'll keep that and I'm looking forward to it." According to the newspaper, Löw's 50th birthday had a 1970s theme party with musician Dieter Thomas Kuhn (55).

The party for his 60th birthday, however, will only take place in the second half of the year, "when the European Championship is played," Löw further revealed in the interview. "It may well be that there is a revival, with Dieter Thomas Kuhn, hit music – and with Hansi Flick, who has lasted the longest. The party back then was a lot of fun."

"I live more consciously"

In addition, the national coach said that as he gets older he realizes "that the body tweaks a little more and that you can't put everything away as quickly and easily as before. But I've been paying attention to myself for years and have a certain sensitivity through sport I do a lot of sport because I know that this promotes my health and it is good for me, also mentally – and I have been checked regularly for years. That is important ".

Löw "live more consciously than at a young age – also for health reasons," he continued. "Good nutrition is important to me, I often take a break from time to time. I don't always want to be present and also deal with other things outside of football. I used to do this far too rarely. I enjoy conversations in which it consciously not about football. It’s good for me. I think it’s important anyway that we humans make ourselves aware that we should value every day that we are healthy, get up in the morning, go out and work. "