Johannes B. Kerner: Moderator got infected with the corona virus

Johannes B. Kerner (55, "Kerners Cookbook") tested positive for a corona infection on Thursday. The popular moderator has now explained this himself on Instagram. He woke up yesterday with "very slight cold symptoms", says Kerner. "In order to avoid any risk and quickly gain clarity, I immediately had a Covid 19 test carried out." He didn't want to "take any risks for the people around me," he explains.

In the evening the surprising result came for him: "The test is positive." He is "very good" and has "practically no symptoms," Kerner explains. Now the moderator and journalist are in "domestic quarantine".

"Everyone can pay attention to that"

It is particularly important to him that every citizen behaves extremely carefully: "Keep your distance, be hygienic, as little direct social contact as possible. Everyone can pay attention to that." All together are responsible "that the sick, the elderly and the weaker do not have to expose themselves to an additional danger." In addition, Kerner wished everyone else a speedy recovery and thanked the doctors, nursing staff and all auxiliary staff.

Other celebrities are also not immune to the corona virus. For example, it was recently announced that Hollywood megastar Tom Hanks (63) and his wife, actress Rita Wilson (63), were also infected with the corona virus.

In addition to public life, the virus also has a firm grip on the entertainment and media world. Popular live shows such as "Let's Dance" (RTL) or "The Masked Singer" (ProSieben) will take place until further notice without a studio audience. Likewise, the release of several films has been canceled for the time being even the 26th matchday of the Bundesliga is postponed.