Johnny Depp: Actor receives full "Fantastic Beasts" award

One day Johnny Depp was in front of the camera for "Fantastic Beasts 3", then he resigned. He still gets his full salary.

Johnny Depps (57) resigning from his role as the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the "Fantastic Beasts" series is final. Since filming began on September 20 in London, the actor has only appeared in front of the camera for one scene. The Hollywood star should still receive his fee in full, as the US industry portal "The Hollywood Reporter" now writes. Depp therefore benefits from a so-called "Pay or Play" contract with Warner Bros.

This provides that Depp is fully compensated, regardless of whether he is shooting "Fantastic Beasts 3" or not. Even in the event that his role is now being filled, the 57-year-old can count on receiving his eight-figure fee in full. According to the report, Depp is the top earner in manufacturing. In the second sequel he would have had a similarly large portion of the game as his co-stars Jude Law (47) and Eddie Redmayne (38), but financially he would have significantly more.

Another court date is waiting for the actor

Johnny Depp was not fired from Warner Bros., much more likely to resign. The actor complied with this request. The decision was preceded by the lost mega-trial against the British "The Sun", whom Depp had described in an article in 2018 as a "woman's thug". A judge at the Royal Courts of Justice in London declared Depp's libel suit against the editor of the newspaper null and void.

The days in court are not over for Depp. The actor is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard (34), who testified against him in London, in Virginia for defamation. As "The Hollywood Reporter" reports, the 57-year-old must appear in person on three consecutive days in November in order to make an affidavit.