Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial: the actress tells of a rape that her ex-husband allegedly subjected her to

American actress Amber Heard recounted at the bar, this Thursday, May 5, the rape that Johnny Depp allegedly subjected her to.

The facts would have taken place a month after their marriage, in 2015, shortly after his arrival in Australia, where the actor was filming the fifth opus of the saga “Pirates of the Caribbean”. An argument suddenly broke out.


“As we turn on the light, he started screaming,” she said. She then explained that Johnny Depp threw bottles and cans at her. Then he would have grabbed her by the neck, before threatening to disfigure her with a broken bottle.

“I’m against the wall and he’s screaming at me that he hates me, that I ruined his life,” she told the audience, in tears. “He told me ‘Fuck, I’m going to kill you’”, before pushing a bottle of alcohol into her vagina.

“All I felt was this pain,” she continued, claiming to have remained still because she didn’t know “if the bottle he (her) penetrated with was broken.”

“I loved this man so strong but it was so toxic”

It was during this scene, she said, that the 58-year-old actor cut his finger. He assures that it was his ex-wife who cut him off by throwing a bottle at him, which Amber Heard denies.

“I loved this man so much but it was so toxic, I couldn’t stop him from hitting me,” she explained, when questioned by her lawyer on the reason why she had not left her husband after those three days of hell.

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