Johnny Depp could return but it will disappoint

Some time ago, Johnny Depp was ousted by Disney from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga following his troubles with the law regarding the affair with Amber Heard. Could this be a distant memory?

Whether we like him or not, it’s a fact: Johnny Depp is the face of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. And it’s hard to imagine the films continuing without the presence of Jack Sparrow, a character who left a huge mark both in cinema history and in global pop culture. Since he was fired, Disney regrets it because the production knows that many fans are demanding his return.

Depp back in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Disney plans to bring back Johnny Depp in the sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. But things might turn out differently than fans expect. As development on Pirates of the Caribbean 6 continues, reports are emerging about Depp’s potential return, not as the main star, but in a supporting role…

According to Daniel Richtman, always very informed journalist, Disney plans to rejuvenate the franchise with new actors to continue the legacy of the iconic blockbuster. Thus, Johnny Depp could be invited to reprise his iconic role of Jack Sparrow. But only in a supporting appearance, far from the forefront he occupied in the previous films. This would be a way for Disney not to lose too much face, while still avoiding a 180 degree turn.

This strategy follows reflections on the future direction of the saga. Where younger actors would take the helm. This was bolstered by rumors that Ayo Edebiri could be considered as Depp’s replacement, potentially playing a character inspired by real-life pirate Anne Bonny.

To your fellow boats!

Despite past controversies, a source close to Johnny Depp said the actor remains open to a collaboration with Disney if the project proves suitable. This stance is apparently shared by industry figures, including former Disney executive and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who express their desire to see Depp reprise his iconic role.

However, Depp’s return raises questions about the relevance and effort required, especially if he has to settle for a supporting role. Furthermore, we imagine that the check will have to be huge.

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