Johnny Depp: Did Hollywood Really Cancel the Actor?

Johnny Depp
Did Hollywood really cancel the actor?

Johnny Depp sees himself canceled by Hollywood.

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Johnny Depp sees himself canceled by Hollywood – but is that even true?

Johnny Depp (58) sees himself as a victim of the cancel culture. The political catchphrase describes efforts to socially exclude a person whose statements or actions are or were discriminatory. At the San Sebastián Film Festival, the actor said that “the various movements that resulted” got out of hand and no one was sure: “Not one of you”.

Apparently, Depp, who according to his ex-wife Amber Heard (35) is said to have been violent several times during their marriage, also feels canceled. It’s not the first time Depp has spoken about it. Already in August Depp the Sunday Times said, he feels he is being boycotted by Hollywood after his last film “Minamata” has still not been released in the US.

Lost two important roles

In fact, Depp’s career has stalled since he made regular headlines in court with Heard’s divorce. Days after Depp lost the trial of The Sun tabloid, which called him a “Wife Thug”, he spoke up on Instagram. Warner Bros. asked him to resign from his role as the magician Grindelwald in the third part of “Fantastic Beasts”, so Depp.

His star role as Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” was stripped of him – the sixth part should take place without a dork. That doesn’t just bother the actor: fans started a petition on entitled “We want Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow,” which currently has over 650,000 signatures.

His regular director Tim Burton (63) also seems to have dropped Depp. The two worked together on numerous films such as “Edward Scissorhands”, “Dark Shadows” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. So it was obvious that Depp would also be part of Burton’s reboot of the Addams Family for Netflix. But no: the rumors broke with the news that Luis Guzmán (65) will play the Addams family man.

A prominent role can reshuffle the cards

Actually, nothing is known about new projects as an actor at the moment. According to his imdb profile, as a producer and through his production company “Infinitum Nihil”, he has more than 20 projects in the pipeline.

And just because the big studios currently don’t want to take the risk of projecting Depp’s face in their blockbusters on the big screen doesn’t mean that Depp is no longer in demand. For the time being, he could continue his acting career in smaller productions.

According to industry experts, Depp only needs one outstanding performance to win Hollywood back over. After all, he also complained about the cancel culture at a festival where he was awarded the honorary prize.


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