Johnny Depp: Will Hollywood Boycott the Actor?

Johnny Depp
Is the actor being boycotted by Hollywood?

Johnny Depp last year during his trial against the British “The Sun”

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Is Johnny Depp’s career finally over? The actor firmly believes that Hollywood is boycotting him.

In the past few months, Hollywood star Johnny Depp (58) caused a sensation less with his films than much more with his private life. In his first interview after losing a lawsuit last year, he now talks about the fact that he feels boycotted by the dream factory.

In the conversation with the British “The Sunday Times” Depp tells of “Hollywood’s boycott of me”, of “an unpleasant and chaotic situation” in recent years. The actor is on a path that he has to tread “to bring things to light”. The interview is also about his drama “Minamata”, which premiered at the Berlinale in February 2020, but has still not been published in the USA. as reported by the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”.

What happened?

Depp married actress Amber Heard (35) in 2015. The couple separated in 2016 and then divorced in early 2017. A protracted war of the roses ensued in which both parties accused each other of domestic violence, among other things.

Last year, Depp had to relinquish his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the third part of the “Fantastic Beasts” series. He had previously lost a lawsuit against the editor of the British “The Sun”, which had called him a “woman thug”. The process, which had degenerated into another dispute between Depp and Heard, generated great media interest.

It was recently announced that Depp will be honored with the Donostia Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September for his many years of work in the film industry. However, this had also caused criticism after the allegations of domestic violence.