“Johnny was furious”: this aesthetic intervention made by Laeticia Hallyday that the rocker did not want

Thursday December 8, 2022, Laeticia Hallyday gave an interview to Paris Match. During this, the widow of Johnny Hallyday lifted the veil on an aesthetic intervention that she had done and that her late husband did not want.

It was more than twenty-five years ago… In 1995, Laeticia Hallyday met Johnny Hallyday for the first time, in Miami. A year later, it was at just 21 years old that she said ‘yes’ to the singer, on March 25, 1996, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. So, the young woman sported curly hair and many freckles. For many years now, this one has had straight hair and no more small spots on her face. Thursday December 8, 2022, Paris Match asked him if they were real freckles. “I had it everywhere, even on my body“, she assured. If she no longer has any, it is because she had them removed. Laeticia Hallyday indeed remembered: “I had them lasered off. Johnny was furious.“If the appearance of the singer’s widow is no longer the same, she has never changed perfume. For Marie Claire, she had revealed: “It’s my identity, it’s been part of my life since my 12 years old. It was my great-grandmother’s perfume, it’s my perfume today and it will never leave me.”

In this interview with Paris Match, Laeticia Hallyday also indicated that the only addiction her husband passed on to her was cortisonebecause this one “took it in high doses, like Elvis with his mixture of tramadol and paracetamol.“Currently in withdrawal, this one assured to do what was necessary to treat herself.I have blood tests every week; cortisone is like drugs, you are always in great shape. You are a warrior soul, you can move mountains!“, she added. On the occasion of the five years of the death of Johnny Hallyday, his widow also confided in his burial in the columns of Parisian. “I wanted to die, it hurt to die. I wanted to go with him. If I hadn’t had my daughters to hang on to… Johnny, it’s 23 years of my life, and not a long calm river… But I made him the promise to continue to make him live and I do it with his orphan fans. Very few artists have garnered so much love after leaving. He is immortal. We will no longer be there that he will always be there, him“, she said.

Laeticia Hallyday’s moving tribute to Johnny

Monday, December 5, 2022, for the five years of the death of Johnny Hallyday, his widow spoke at length on Instagram. With emotion, it is in the caption of a series of photos that this one wrote: “5 years already since you left, 5 years that seem like a century to me, an eternity… We still miss you and forever. All December 5ths are no longer ordinary days, but in any case they are rare days without you… Rare, because in truth we live together every moment and it is certainly you who helps me to regain a taste for life, to find meaning in my existence, because I know you wouldn’t want us to be unhappy.“After having assured that it was thanks to him that she managed to rebuild herself, the one who today shares the life of Jalil Lespert added:”Tonight at the Lorient cemetery with your fans who are there for you, we will look at the sky, there will be a star that will shine more than the others… Because you’re never far away, you watch, you protect us. We love you forever.

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