Joker 2 will be expensive: the salaries of Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga triple the budget of the sequel

Expected on October 2, 2024 in our theaters, with Lady Gaga alongside Joaquin Phoenix at the top of the bill, “Joker: Folie à deux” should benefit from a budget three times larger than that of the first opus.

Madness for two… and budget multiplied by three! According variety, the production costs of the sequel to Joker, expected on October 2, 2024 in our theaters, will reach 150 million dollars. Where the first opus, released at the end of 2019, only required 55.

A spectacular increase which is notably due to questions of wages. In his capacity as director, co-writer and producer, Todd Phillips will receive 20 million dollars. Like Joaquin Phoenix, Oscar winner thanks to the first Joker for which he had not perceived one “that” 4.5. A newcomer to the universe, where she will play Harley Quinn, Lady Gaga will receive 10 million greenbacks.

Between them, they will therefore represent a third of the budget. Which will also be more important than for the first film because of inflation, the additional costs generated by the sanitary measures linked to the Covid and the ambition of the feature film: announced as a musical, it will contain some complex sequences, so expensive to produce, though one of Variety’s sources puts it closer to A Star is Born than Where We’re From, in terms of scale.


We are therefore very far from the strategy of low-budget DC auteur films that the first Joker embodied at the time of its release. But not at the level of current blockbusters either. Whether it’s The Batman (200 million dollars budget, whereas 100 had initially been planned before the Covid got involved) or Avengers: Infinity War, record holder in the matter from the top of its 420 million greenbacks.

With this new Joker, Warner will therefore splurge but in a reasonable way. So much so that the sequel will not be condemned to do at least as well as the first opus (1.074 billion dollars in global box office receipts in 2019) to achieve profitability.

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