Joko Winterscheidt: TV presenter is delighted to be head of "GQ"

When one door closes, another opens: Joko Winterscheidts (41, "Circus Halligalli") magazine "JWD" was discontinued at the turn of the year. It was said that there was no economic perspective. Now the entertainer and TV presenter moves on. He becomes part of the new editorial staff of the "GQ" magazine.

As the media portal "DWDL" reports, Winterscheidt will belong to a new group of four in the future. The goals of the personnel change are "to charge 'GQ' with even more curiosity in the future, to broaden the topic horizon and to increase the relevance of the brand", said Jessica Peppel-Schulz, Germany boss of Condé Nast, in a statement. Winterscheidt therefore takes on the role of "Chief Curiosity Officer".

Winterscheidt is pursuing these plans

In his position, Winterscheidt will take care of the orientation of the editorial topics of "GQ" and develop new formats. "Chief Curiosity Officer" claims to be a suitable title for someone like him, "who doesn't fit in any organizational chart", said the 41-year-old in an interview with the "GQ" magazine.

He doesn't see the collaboration as a brand fusion: "As someone who likes to be called a brand by others, I don't like the term. I'm not the Joko Winterscheidt brand, but the person. I have attitudes and beliefs, strengths and weaknesses and Thoughts and doubts. And a style, by the way. " Will he see the new post as a consolation given the end of his own magazine? "We were pirates with 'JWD'," Winterscheidt continued. "Now the pirate got a yacht. It's the coolest combination there is."