Jon Bon Jovi: When to hang the mic on his nails

The hair is silver gray, the energy is dwindling – but getting older is not a problem for Jon Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi (58, "It's My Life") revealed in an interview when he would give up his rock star career. Compared to "" he announced that he would no longer go on "big, endlessly long world tours". "I don't have the drive for that," explains the 58-year-old. But he doesn't have an expiration date for his band in mind – not yet.

For him, the Rolling Stones are a clear parameter for the "right" age to finally drop the microphone. "I've always considered the Rolling Stones to be my heroes. When they stop, I know when it's the right age to retire." He admires the energy with which the old rockers are still on stage in their mid-seventies. "I don't think I'll do that at that age, though."

Jon Bon Jovi also has a clear opinion on the subject of the aging process and cosmetic corrections. "I like to be a silver fox," says the singer about his gray hair. "If I were to come in here with botox sprayed on and dyed hair, I would feel like a sham." He is honest enough to show himself to the audience for who he is: "I accept that I have gotten older."