Jonah Hill: The British gossip press is "stupid"

Jonah Hill
The British gossip press is "stupid"

Jonah Hill doesn't like the gossip press

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Actor Jonah Hill has criticized the British gossip press as "stupid", who photographed him topless while surfing.

The actor and director has already spoken publicly about the fact that Jonah Hill (37, "The Wolf of Wall Street") was bullied because of his appearance as a teenager. Now he took a report in the "Daily Mail" as an opportunity to speak on Instagram about the deep marks that the bullying has left on him.

The headline of the article in question reads as follows: "Jonah Hill puts on a black wetsuit for surfing … then he shows his topless tattoos as he dries off". Commenting on a screenshot of the article, Hill writes: "I don't think I ever took off my shirt in a pool until I was in my mid-30s – not even in front of family and friends." If his own insecurity had not been heightened by years of public ridicule in the press, Hill said, he would probably have taken off his shirt for a swim sooner.

The fact that the gossip press would "stalk" him while he was surfing and print such photos is stupid, but such reports meanwhile leave him indifferent. Today he is 37 years old and finally accept and love each other for who he is. He doesn't want any sympathy or encouragement from his followers with his post: "This post is for the kids who don't take their shirt off to bathe. Have fun. You are wonderful, super and perfect."