Jordan Bardella advocates “the abandonment of health restriction measures at school”

“We must leave the children alone.” Guest of Laurence Ferrari in La Matinale this Thursday, January 13, Jordan Bardella, the president of the National Gathering (RN), lambasted the health policy implemented in schools.

While a call for a national strike was launched on Thursday to protest against the school health protocol, 75% of primary school teachers would have followed the movement according to the Snuipp-FSU union. This discontent in the school environment was shared by Jordan Bardella, denouncing the absurdity of the measures taken by the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer to limit the Covid-19 epidemic.

“We live in Absurdistan. The protocols, which change roughly every four mornings and which are applied at school, whether teachers, students and indirectly parents, are driving everyone completely crazy (…) I think that “We must leave the children alone,” pleaded the MEP on CNEWS.

Strive for “natural immunity”

To respond to this health problem in schools, Jordan Bardella would rely on the collective immunity of children, less exposed to serious forms of the virus.

“We are in favor of abandoning all health restriction measures at school, with the exception of taking temperature before entering school. I hear more and more doctors explaining that there is no point in vaccinating children and that it is better to let the virus circulate to allow children to build up natural immunity, as long as in 99.99 % of cases, they do not risk any serious form ”, detailed the MEP on our antenna.

According to him, only people at risk should be concerned by the implementation of a strict health protocol. “I remind you that 90% of the people who died of Covid were over 65 years old and that half of the people today in critical care or in intensive care have comorbidities, in particular forms of obesity. At-risk audiences are perfectly identified. Children only do benign forms of Covid, ”said the regional councilor for Île-de-France.

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