Jordan de Luxe atomized by Hervé Vilard: “face of …”, the insulting messages received by the host revealed

At the controls of the program Chez Jordan, broadcast daily on C8, the host Jordan de Luxe revealed on Instagram the insulting messages he received from Hervé Vilard on Facebook.

Occasional columnist for Cyril Hanouna on Touche not at my post for a few years, Jordan Deluxe is also at the helm of its own daily program broadcast on C8. Called Chez Jordan, this meeting is scheduled every morning on the Canal+ group channel. The concept of the program is very simple, given that it is an interview between the host and a different guest during each issue. However, for several weeks, it seems that Jordan de Luxe is in the sights of a famous French singer. Indeed, the host said on his Instagram account that he is “insult” by Hervé Vilard on Facebook.

To support his charges, Jordan de Luxe published several snapshots of the insulting messages posted by Hervé Villard on Facebook. “I find it lamentable that brilliant people lend themselves to your stupid game. The sourness I do not know. say what i want rat face“, in particular wrote the singer. “I can not stand it anymore ! Hervé Vilard says horrors on the show. If he hears me: Hervé Vilard, drop my sneakers! He comments on only horrors, only wickedness. He doesn’t want to do the show. That he doesn’t. Besides, I never asked him to do the show. That’s enough. I’m sick of it“, then declared Jordan de Luxe in a video, always on Instagram.

Jordan de Luxe: his guests reveal the amount of their income on his show

For some years, the host’s show has become a must for many personalities. Jordan de Luxe has made a specialty of questioning its various guests about their income, but also about the amount of their pension. Whether some stars are rather reluctant to talk about money on air, others, on the other hand, have no trouble revealing how much they receive, even if it means sparking controversy. For example, the former emblematic host of France 2, Patrice Laffont, did not hesitate to complain about the amount of his “small” retirement, by revealing that he received around 3,500 euros per month.

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