Jörg Wontorra: His dog was apparently intentionally poisoned

Jörg Wontorra and his partner Susanne Bausch mourn their dog Cavalli. The female Labrador was apparently poisoned intentionally.

Moderator Jörg Wontorra (71) mourns the loss of his Labrador bitch Cavalli. She died of poisoning at the age of eleven, as he confirmed in the "Bild" newspaper. The dog had swallowed something during an evening walk and had to be examined in the hospital the next day. "The result of the blood count was a shock. Our Cavalli was poisoned with xylitol," explained Wontorra's partner Susanne Bausch (57) to "Bild". The otherwise harmless sweetener can cause a toxic reaction in dogs. Cavalli died a little later.

Wontorra assumes that the poison was deliberately used as bait: "That was a targeted poison attack. How did such a large amount of sweetener get into the bushes in front of our house?" His bitch swallowed around 120g of xylitol. Wontorra wants to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice and offered a reward of 5,000 euros for evidence from witnesses.