Jorge Gonzalez: He wants "more acceptance" from other homosexuals

Jorge González is an indispensable part of German TV. But he continues to meet a lot of criticism, especially from the gay community.

With extravagant outfits, high heels and his unmistakable Spanish accent, Jorge González (53, "Hola Chicas !: On the catwalk of my life") immediately caught the audience's attention as a catwalk trainer for "Germany's Next Top Model". The Cuban became a star overnight. Today he works in numerous TV formats and has been a permanent member of the jury for "Let's Dance" since 2013. He himself seems surprised at this. In an interview with the magazine "Gala" he said: "On German television it is not normal for someone like me to be an integral part of one of the best live shows."

González unites several minorities: "I'm a mulatto. I'm Latino. I'm gay." Although it was possible for viewers to get to know the 53-year-old better through the "Let's Dance" format, he continues to divide people's minds. "Women like me, their husbands accept me," he joked. "I polarize. Especially with homosexuals." Because especially in the community he comes up against some criticism: "What the media think is great, the gay scene suddenly finds it stupid." Often there is a desire to appear "hetero-like", which bothers the choreographer. "I hope that things will be more colorful again and that there will be acceptance for everyone."

Friendly relationship with Heidi Klum

According to the juror, his breakthrough on television was pure coincidence. He applied to "Germany's Next Top Model" just for fun after a designer friend had received a rejection of the position. "I didn't even know the show." A few days later he began teaching top model candidates how to walk on high heels. With his replacement from catwalk coach Bruce Darnell (63), he quickly became a secret star in Heidi Klum's (47) show. Two years later, he left the casting show. He continues to maintain a friendly relationship with Klum. "When we see each other, we're happy," he said in an interview.