Josef Fares: A bullet in the knee or NFT?

Josef Fares, video game and film director, stands out for his versatility and talent. Studio director Hazelight has won numerous international awards, both for his film Jalla! Jalla! or more recently for his game It Takes Two, awarded best game of the year 2021 at the Game Awards. A talented creator who thus plays on several tables, with brio. Fares is also known for this time when he shouted “Fuck the Oscars” during the Game Awards ceremony in 2017. A strong personality, therefore, who overturns the codes but who above all wants to reach his audience with inventive games and endearing characters .

However, the director stood out once again in the media for his strong opinion on the integration of NFT (paid digital content) in his games. In an interview with the Washington Post, Fares said he would prefer to “take a bullet in the knee“rather than incorporating NFTs into upcoming Hazelight games:”Whatever decision you make for a game, if you have to adjust it to make the player pay or do something that prompts them to make them pay money, it’s wrong if you want my opinion.

A frank opinion on a subject which is debated lately but which nevertheless confirms to us that the next games of the creator will not contain any NFT. None either in the previous games of Hazelight studios which offered free “friend pass” which allowed to invite another player to participate in the adventure. It was enough for a single player to have It Takes Two Where A Way Out in order to be able to play it cooperatively.


In the same interview, Josef Fares concluded by saying “We (Hazelight Studios) will never include NFT in our video games. If you ask a manager of a big company he would say my choice is stupid because the goal is to make money. But I will always say no. For me gaming is an art.


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