Josefina on FILMO: Elite star jailed in touching Spanish drama

First feature film by Javier Marco, Josefina brings together Emma Suárez and Roberto Álamo in a singular romance between two lonely and bruised souls. A moving feature film to discover today exclusively on FILMO!


Juan, a prison official, silently observes Berta’s visit to her incarcerated son, Sergio, every Sunday. One day, he succeeds in getting to know her, but surprises himself by inventing himself the father of an imaginary girl also in prison, Josefina.

Josefina by Javier Marco, to discover on FILMO.


Recognized on the international scene thanks to his short films selected and rewarded all over the world, the Spanish filmmaker Javier Marco unveils his first feature film, Josefina, available this September 22 exclusively on FILMO.

This moving film tells the meeting between a mother, who visits her imprisoned son every week, and a prison guard, who prefers to hide his true identity so as not to frighten him. Both wounded by the vagaries of life and a heavy loneliness, they will forge a tender and singular relationship.

For writing the screenplay, the director turned to his faithful collaborator Belén Sánchez-Arévalo, with whom he has already worked on numerous projects. “Josefina is about a human being’s need to overcome loneliness. The two characters, Juan and Berta, come to a time in their lives where isolation has caught up with them and they need to find someone else to bond with.

When this meeting takes place, they complement each other in a certain way, perhaps precisely because of this common need to reconnect with another human being.” she told variety.


Presented in festivals and released in Spanish theaters in November 2021, the drama won no less than three nominations at the 2022 Goyas ceremony (the equivalent of the Césars in Spain), including one in the Best new director category for Javier Marco!


This love story is carried by Emma Suárez (The Gardener’s Dog, The Red Squirrel) and Roberto Álamo (Que Dios Nos Perdone), two actors that viewers will be able to recognize in particular from their respective collaboration with Pedro Almodóvar in Julieta and La Piel que Habito.

Already winner of 3 Goya awards, Emma Suárez received a new nomination in the Best Actress category in 2022 for her performance in Josefina. On screen, it is actor Miguel Bernardeau, known to series fans for his role as Guzmán in Elite, and soon to appear in 1899, who lends his features to his incarcerated son Sergio!

Discover now this touching drama exclusively on FILMO, the first independent video-on-demand platform in France.


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