Josiane Balasko talks about her cosmetic surgery, “you had to be pretty and I wasn’t all that”

Since the start of her career more than 50 years ago, actress Josiane Balasko has always faced numerous criticisms of her physique. It is with frankness during all these years that she has constantly responded to her detractors by confiding in particular about this cosmetic surgery operation that she had when she was younger.

If public figures are used to juggling between acclaim and criticism, Josiane Balasko is unfortunately no exception! After more than fifty years of career under her belt, the interpreter of Nathalie Morin in the Tanned knows what she’s talking about. Indeed, the actress confides in the numerous criticisms and comments relating to her physique that she has had to face over all these years. Marilou Berry’s mother has always been very straightforward and realistic about the beauty diktat that surrounds the profession, a realism that she has always treated with frankness.

It is also with this in mind that the one who is touring for her next play A chalet in Gstaad responded to journalists who unashamedly raise questions about his physique. What’s more, she reveals that she has already succumbed to the call of the scalpel on the airwaves of RFM: “I redid my nose. I do not know why. My nose was a bit long, I don’t know what would have happened if I had kept my nose. Finally I don’t have it anymore, and now I have two perfect profiles “. A cosmetic surgery operation that she undertakes without hesitation.

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“There was no filter at the time”

While she continues to tour the sets as part of her promotion, Josiane Balasko was confronted with resounding archive images on the set of Children of TV on France 2. We then see Anne Sinclair, presenter of the show 7 out of 7in the 80s, ask the actress: “ Don’t you want to finally be on the side of the beautiful ones?» An astonishing question that no one would allow themselves to ask today, as the actress herself indicates:There was no filter back then“.

Then it was in front of Laurence Boccolini that she added: “It never bothered me when people said I wasn’t too beautiful, it didn’t matter. I believe that the people who asked these questions, whatever respect I have for them, do not know what people on the street are like. They see only thin people who follow diets and who dress in designer brands and obviously, I didn’t fit into that.“.

Fortunately, Josiane Balasko has always accepted herself as she was: “I find myself rather normal, average, not beautiful, not ugly» she exclaimed inThe Papotin meetingsshe then explains: “I do a job where appearance is often very important, especially for a woman. When I started this job: you had to be pretty, graceful and I wasn’t all that“. Despite everything, the actress was able to build an impressive career by creating cult characters that we still remember today!

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