Journalist Anna Cabana criticized after a debate on her husband Jean-Michel Blanquer

Heloise Goy with Alexis Patri

Journalist Anna Cabana hosted, on the Franco-Israeli channel i24 News, a TV debate on the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, in the turmoil after his vacation in Ibiza. The journalist recently married the minister. Several colleagues of Anna Cabana were moved by this mixture of genres.

Journalist Anna Cabana, who has also recently become the wife of Jean-Michel Blanquer, is in turn under fire from critics. After the controversy around the Minister of National Education, who granted an interview to the Parisian on the health protocol at school while he was on vacation in Ibiza, it is the turn of his wife Anna Cabana to be at the heart of a controversy. The journalist, who now runs the “Book” page of the Sunday newspaper, also hosts her own show on the Franco-Israeli channel i24 News, in which she surrounds herself with guests to dissect the news.

Tuesday evening, the journalist led a debate around the Ibiza affair which concerns the Minister of National Education, without specifying that she herself was the wife of Jean-Michel Blanquer. “We will first start by talking about this controversial crisis around Jean-Michel Blanquer, who is at the heart of a storm. Last night, Mediapart revealed that it had announced the new health protocol, in particular the start of the school year, from Ibiza”, recalled the journalist on the air of i24 News.

“I did my job as a journalist”

A sequence that has sparked a lively controversy on social networks. Accused in particular by journalists of a lack of ethics and professionalism, Anna Cabana defended herself on Wednesday in The Parisian . She claims “to have done her job as a journalist” and refuses to “pay the bill every day” for her relationship with the minister.

A debate that revives the question of conflicts of interest in media-political couples. Europe 1 contacted the i24 News channel to offer to speak on the subject. The chain has not responded to our requests for the moment. Wednesday evening on i24 News, Anna Cabana opened her show without returning to this subject. She made no mention of the criticism directed at her.

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