journalist threatened with death after controversial tweet about v

Judith Waintraud, journalist at Le Figaro, published a controversial tweet amalgamating the wearing of the veil and September 11. She has received death threats, condemned by politicians of all stripes.

Judith Waintraud is a senior reporter for Le Figaro. This Friday, September 11, 19 years after the attacks perpetrated by Al-Quaïda, in particular in New York, the journalist rose up against the publication of a BFM TV video on Twitter. In it, Imane, a veiled student, gives recipes at low prices for those on a budget. To this video, she replied "September 11th", thus making the amalgam between the attacks and the wearing of the veil.

In other tweets, Judith Waintraud explains that she sees in this video a promotion of the wearing of the Islamic veil. "A deadly ideology in which the veiling of women is a struggle, yes. Assimilation of this woman to a terrorist, no", she wrote in defense. His words were condemned by several political figures, such as LREM deputy Fiona Lazarr, rebellious deputy Sergio Coronado, and the Minister of the City, Nadia Hai, who decried his racist and Islamophobic words.

Unfortunately, the case does not end there. Judith Waintraud was the victim of death threats following her tweet. Some have threatened to do the same to him as writing Charlie hebdo, decimated by the Kouachi brothers in January 2015. Threats which must be strongly condemned, as expressed by Valérie Précresse, president of the Ile-de-France region, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, and the Minister of 'Interior Gérald Darmanin. Nadia Hai, who criticized the reporter's comments but also did not hesitate, said that "the death threats of which she is the victim have no place in our Republic". In Le Figaro, the Society of Journalists wrote that "freedom of expression is not negotiable" and asked that "the authors of hate messages be identified and brought to justice". The journalist, she did not go back on her words.

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