Joyce Jonathan, happy mom, introduces her companion for the first time


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Very discreet about her private life, Joyce Jonathan had never revealed the identity of her spouse.

She speaks for the first time about her companion in public. Joyce Jonathan has invited the cameras of the show 50 ‘Inside on TF1 to her home, while her new album, the fifth, is due out in January 2022, “The little pretty things”. And she revealed for the very first time the identity of the father of her daughter named Ghjulia. In front of the cameras of the show broadcast on Saturday, November 27, Joyce Jonathan presented the man with whom she shares her life: Martial, a pianist of Corsican origin. The two lovers would have met in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival. Joyce Jonathan said, all smiles: “I saw who the pianist was and I said to myself: ‘He’s not bad!’ ”

A clue a year earlier

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In November 2020, Joyce Jonathan had already given a clue on the origins of Martial. It was at the time of the birth of her daughter, on November 2, 2020, that the singer had made this revelation on her Instagram account. She had indeed indicated that the first name of her newborn, Ghjulia, was pronounced well “Giùlia”But was written “In Corsica, like the origins of his dad”. Joyce Jonathan was also posted on Instagram breastfeeding her baby girl, wearing an adorable pink ribbed knit bodysuit and mini slippers.

A wedding in sight?

The 32-year-old artist is thus fulfilled in 50 ‘Inside by TF1. And this, thanks to his work, his relationship with the charming pianist Martial and obviously his daughter Ghjulia. “For me, it increased all my feelings a little. It’s a bit like being in love, times a billion”, She rejoiced in the show. Joyce Jonathan also presented his property and his garden. From a breathtaking view of nature, the singer hinted that she might think … of marriage. “Here, I could be asked to marry, that would be the least of things”She joked.

Discreet about his private life

This immersion in his private life is quite rare. The singer remains more discreet than before, when she was in a relationship with Thomas Hollande, the son of the former President of the Republic, François Hollande and Ségolène Royal. Joyce Jonathan shared her life with him from 2012 to 2014. Two years later, in 2016, she also confided that this relationship had been “very difficult”, Especially because of the media coverage of their couple. “The fact that it was shared, seeing my vacation photos in a magazine rather than in my photo album, was not very pleasant. I think that’s what made it not last”, She had slipped in the program Thé ou Café on France 2.

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