Juan Carlos I .: Isn't the ex-king in the Caribbean?

It is still not known where the former Spanish King Juan Carlos I is currently. It shouldn't be the Caribbean.

The guesswork about the whereabouts of the former Spanish king, Juan Carlos I (82), continues. After it was initially said that he had traveled to a friend who owned a luxury hotel complex in Santo Domingo on the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic, a completely different destination is now being brought into play. As the Spanish newspaper "ABC" reports, he is said to have flown via Paris to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. None of the possible exile locations has so far been confirmed by the palace.

Why is Juan Carlos in exile?

The palace announced on Monday (August 3) that the former head of state is no longer in the country. A letter from Juan Carlos was published on the official website explaining his departure.

After the Spanish Supreme Court opened an investigation in June, which, among other things, concerns Juan Carlos' involvement in a corruption affair, he said he wanted to avert greater damage to the palace's reputation by leaving. "It is a decision that I make with deep feelings but with great calm," said Juan Carlos in the letter.

Abdication in 2014

Juan Carlos I was King of Spain from November 22, 1975 to June 18, 2014. The monarch had to abdicate because his alleged extramarital affairs, the scandal over the elephant hunt in Africa and the financial scandal over son-in-law IƱaki Urdangarin (52) damaged the image of the royal family. Since June 2014 Juan Carlos' son Felipe VI. (52) and his wife (since 2004) Letizia (47) the new royal couple.