Jubillar case: The heartbreaking message from someone close to Delphine, moving images

It has been seventeen months since the relatives of Delphine Jubillar, born Aussaguel, are waiting. Since that night in December 2020, which will remain forever marked in their memory, they hope to know and understand what happened to their niece, cousin, friend or colleague who suddenly disappeared. Mother of two children, aged 33, the young woman was however at home in the evening, watching the program a little earlier France has an unbelievable talent with her eldest, Louis, while the youngest, Elyah, slept. Almost a year and a half later, his entourage posted a heartbreaking message on the Facebook page in support of the nurse…

In the video that Delphine’s friends broadcast, we can discover her radiant and so complicit with her friends, so tender with her children. This message coincides with the birthday of the young woman’s second daughter, Elyah has indeed celebrated her 3 years: “Today it’s been 17 months… 17 months that we’ve been crying for you, sweetie. (…) I would have liked so much that you were there to see how Louis and Elyah grew up. (…) Elyah celebrated her 3rd birthday sweetie and you’re not here to worry about the princess cake or make her blow out her candles.

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