Judith Godrèche: Her daughter Tess targeted in Cannes by inappropriate and shameful criticism, she cracks down firmly

By Justine Texier | Journalist

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His fight is far from over! On the front line of the new #MeToo wave which is affecting French cinema after her complaints against Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, Judith Godrèche was in Cannes this week to present her film recording hundreds of testimonies from victims. At her side, her daughter Tess Barthélémy, 19 years old and who appears in this short film, came to support her. But the young girl was targeted by unbearable comments…

Judith Godrèche: Her daughter Tess targeted in Cannes by inappropriate and shameful criticism, she cracks down firmly

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It’s not easy to change mentalities! A few months after her accusations against Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, whom she accuses of rape when she was a minor, Judith Godrèche continues her fight to protect actresses and young girls: invited to the Cannes Film Festival, which began the week last, the actress and director came to present her latest documentary, Me toowhich brings together several hundred testimonies from victims of sexual violence.

A shocking film in which his daughter Tess, who has just celebrated her 19th birthday, plays. A budding dancer and actress, the young woman collects all the words in the feature film and had obviously made the trip to Cannes to climb the steps in the company of her mother. Like her, and like some other victims who were with them, she then posed with her hands over her mouth, to represent the silence imposed on the victims.

A strong gesture for the young girl, who also stood out for her resemblance to her parents (she is also the daughter of Maurice Barthélémy). But this climb did not go unnoticed by some Internet users: considering that young Tess, who wore a backless black dress, was too bare, they were particularly vindictive on social networks, where the abject comments flowered.

An outfit that won’t leave you indifferent

We take our daughter (slightly dressed in the front, and even less in the back) to the awful ‘patriarchs’…“, one of them notably quipped, referring to the speeches of Judith Godrèche. Others went much further into the unbearable: “Say Judith Godrèche, I think it would be a good idea for your daughter to cover up a little and change that ghost train look to avoid falling into the arms of a pervert who could give her a career… Afterwards, Every mother has the responsibility for her daughter, as should yours, right?“, “For a woman who denounces abuse and sexual assault in cinema… She shows off her somewhat undressed daughter“, we can indeed read, among the most “polite” of them.

Internet users took it upon themselves to react to these attacks. “As a reminder, no outfit justifies sexual and gender-based violence“, recalls the Fraîches account on Instagram, when others believe that it is “legitimize rape culture“. Without failing to point out that those who criticize, “still glorify Mireille Darc in The Tall Blonde with a Black Shoe, a film that has become legendary, precisely thanks to a dress with an identical neckline“…

His mother Judith Godrèche spoke on Instagram with a clear message: “Leave my daughter alone, and all girls, and all women, covered and short-clad, cis or trans. Stop judging, promoting, encouraging, inciting this rape culture.“Despite the violence of the words received by her daughter, the actress, screenwriter and director appeals for the kindness of each and every person:”There’s still time to trade grimaces for smiles.

In the meantime, Tess Barthélémy continues to show in Cannes that a young woman can dress as she wants without having to attract criticism: radiant in a white dress for a second climb of the steps this Friday, she participated in a dinner on Sunday with a plunging neckline. And we love it!

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