Juicy chocolate cake from the pan: ready in just 10 minutes!

Ready in just 10 minutes
Juicy chocolate cake fresh from the pan

Pancakes instead of pancakes: you only need a few minutes for this chocolate dessert.


With this recipe you can bake a delicious chocolate cake in the pan in just a few minutes and without an oven (or kitchen chaos!).

Cake from the pan? No, we are not talking about a pancake, but actually a classic chocolate cake that you can not only stir together in the pan, but also bake directly there. This will save you the classic cake kitchen chaos, but not at the expense of taste.

Cake recipe: Chocolate enjoyment in just 10 minutes

In the video we show the few ingredients you need that you probably already have at home and how you can use them to serve a delicious warm chocolate cake from the pan in just ten minutes.

Source used: youtube.com/user/emmasgoodies