Jules Fabre (Théo Bommel) back in the France 3 series!

Absent for ages from More beautiful life, Jules Fabre is about to find Théo Bommel, his character, and the way to the studios. We tell you when you see him on the air exactly.

Marie Réache the interpreter of Babeth Nebout who did not think that the pregnancy of her character would go to term but who gives birth to a real baby in More beautiful the lifee is also a happy mom in life. Mother in town Jules Fabre, the interpreter of Theo Bommel in the soap opera of France 3 and fruit of his love with Alexandre Fabre who plays Charles Frémont – you follow? -, is preparing to meet his son again on the set of La Belle de Mai where the series is shot. Fans of the most Marseille fiction of the Paf will surely be delighted to learn that Jules Fabre, absent for a lease from the Mistral, is soon back.

Théo Bommel will be back on screen soon

The year has started well for Jules Fabre, who has played a lot in the theater since he was no longer in Plus belle la vie. Not only is his return officially recorded, but the actor will be reunited with his partners on Thursday, January 13, in just three days. If no information has filtered out as to his plot, fans of the series will find him on the air from Tuesday, March 2. The last appearance of the young man who was still cooing with Coralie, his math teacher and above all a former mother-in-law, dates back to the departures of Antoine, his brother, and Tom, his best friend. Since then, Theo has had to live on love and fresh water with Terminator, the nickname given to Coralie by Scotto’s students, since she is also absent subscribers, even missing the call for back to school in September. Since then, not the shadow of a math class on the horizon, no explanation for her absence has been mentioned by Rochat, who has not even pretended to seek to replace her. Logically, the return of Jules Fabre should be accompanied by that of Coralie Audret, who replaced Sara Mortensen when she was fired.

Jules Fabre missed several auditions before landing the role of Theo

No preferential treatment or privilege for Jules Fabre! Land the role of Theo Bommel will not have been an easy task for the actor. Not only Jules Fabre has passed tests like all the contenders but in addition he missed five castings before treading the place of the Mistral in the skin of a character more consistent than those he almost played. Perseverance always pays off!

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