Julia Paredes in turmoil: she announces bad news to her fans

Julia Paredes announced bad news since she currently has the coronavirus. This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, she spoke about her symptoms through an Instagram post.

The life of Julia paredes has changed a lot since moving to Dubai. Moreover, the mother of the family once again makes perfect love with her husband Maxime Parisi. More united than ever, the two lovebirds have chosen to launch a joint project. Indeed, they offer coaching and makeover services. She had explained about it: “Tadam we are there! After months of work, our project finally materializes! Our coaching site (physical transformation), makeover will be online Wednesday at 6 p.m.! A project that we have thought of together for you, so that you feel better in your body and in your head. Whether you need to lose or gain weight, change your look for your personal or professional life, we will be there to help you as a real life coach. You will have more information on Wednesday as well as the name of our 3 rd BB. Places will be limited because there will be personalized coaching, we will really take the time for each person. We just hope you will like it and help you on a daily basis“. But today, it is for a less happy subject than the candidate of Moms and famous grabbed her phone.

Julia Paredes weighs in on her symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19

We cannot say it enough: we must not give up our efforts and continue to respect health measures in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Julia Paredes unfortunately revealed that she had not escaped it under a photo of her daughter Luna taking care of her little brother on Instagram. “Well after several weeks of illness wondering what we have, the news broke this morning, the Covid has invited itself to the house! I told you about the symptoms in the story but that’s when we start to to get better that one is positive whereas at the beginning the two tests came back negative! The remaining symptoms are fatigue, lack of strength, headache, some stiffness and a little cold. Fortunately my loulou is in good shape and m ‘help to take care of her little brother, she loves it more. And you what symptoms have you had? Courage to those who are in this case and to the others be careful it does not happen only to others! she said. Like what, we must continue to be vigilant.

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