Julia Vignali “I had a little insomnia”, the very stressed host for her debut in Affaire Conclue

From Monday August 28, Julia Vignali will be at the helm of the show Affaire concluded on France 2. The host recently confided in feeling a slight apprehension in an interview for Télé-Star.

The talented Julia Vignali is preparing to face a new challenge which marks a significant step in her career. From Monday August 28, this actress, 48-year-old host and columnist will take control of the well-known program “Affaire concluded” broadcast on France 2, thus taking over from the eminent Sophie Davant. For Julia Vignali, who has already left her mark as presenter of “Le Meilleur Pâtissier” on M6 for four years (from 2017 to 2021), as well as in the morning show “Télématin” on France 2 for two seasons, this new role represents a bold step into the unknown.

The announcement of Julia Vignali as the show’s new hostess aroused the enthusiasm of viewers and fans of the versatile host. She brings her charming personality, bubbly style and proven professionalism to the show. However, this transition was not without its share of emotions and pressure. In a recent interview with Télé-Star this Sunday, August 20, Julia Vignali shared her sincere feelings about her impending debut. She said she went through a “little insomnia” the night before her first day of filming for the show, as she mentally replayed the key moments in her head.

She stressed that this role represented a unique chance in her career, and that she had not hesitated to seize this opportunity which might not come twice. She also acknowledged her attachment to her previous experiences, in particular her time spent at Télématin.

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Julia Vignali: enter balance and priorities

Julia Vignali showed realism by addressing the possibility of juggling between “Télématin” and “Deal concluded”. She candidly shared that this option was simply not an option, given her personal and professional commitments. For her, the balance between her family life, her role as a wife and her social life occupies a primordial place. She explained that she couldn’t conceive of committing to both shows simultaneously, acknowledging the priorities that guide her choices.

Julia Vignali’s professional future is tinged with excitement, expectation and promise. As the new hostess of “Closed Deal”, she brings her unique touch to the show, contributing to its continued success.

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