Julie Ricci very worried about her future baby

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In her Instagram story, Tuesday June 2, Julie Ricci shared her concerns about the health of her future baby, who is supposed to be born at the end of June.

Julie Ricci definitely does not have an easy pregnancy. The 34-year-old reality star, pregnant with her second child, fears for the health of her future baby. Last April, she revealed on Instagram that the little boy has a kidney problem. These would be "thicker than normal", and the child could undergo an intervention at birth. A very distressing situation for those who also suffered from gestational diabetes throughout their pregnancy.

As the delivery, scheduled for June 26, approaches, the young mother's nerves have let go. In her Instagram story on June 2, she appeared in tears and very stressed. “I had lots of adventures, it's not at all the same pregnancy as with Gianni. The enlarged baby's kidneys, gestational diabetes … I have an appointment on Thursday to find out when I am triggered, if I have a cesarean … It's full of questions, it's the stress is really very very very very different. Since I have an appointment on Thursday, I think it worries me, it's hard ”, she told her subscribers.

The mother of a little Gianni, one year old, the young woman had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant again. A painful event that marked her and anxious for this new pregnancy. Today, she is especially anxious to give birth and to take her son in her arms.

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