Julie Zenatti “unmanageable” at the time of Notre-Dame de Paris? “I’ve been fired several times!”

She was on the poster for one of the biggest musical adventures of the 1990s. Notre Dame of Paris was a huge success from the release of its first titles Belle, The time of the cathedralsand spectators lined up in the street, hoping to reach the ticket offices before each date was sold out. Julie Zenatti, who played the innocent Fleur-de-Lys with Patrick Fiori, Garou and Hélène Ségara, was very young at the time. Barely 15 years old when she passed the castings, badly in her skin, the singer was simply not ready.

The whole production thought I was unmanageable

Complex, Julie Zenatti had put a lot of members of the team on her back in spite of herself. In particular, she refused to go on stage during rehearsals, even if it meant attracting the wrath of those around her. – and even if it means risking his place! I wanted to sing, I wanted to be heard, I didn’t want to be seen, she remembers in the podcast Lesson by Pauline Grisoni, January 21, 2022. I have been fired several times from Notre Dame of Paris. Ldresser who made the costumes had made me an empire dress, tight under the chest, pleated above the knee with shoulder pads. I looked like nothing. I said to him: ‘But it’s not going well or what? You thought I was gonna wear that shit?The whole production thought that I was an unmanageable person.

I was just a child

Today, Julie Zenatti is a fulfilled woman and artist. Released from her seven-year relationship with Patrick Fiori, whom she met during the adventure Notre Dame of Paris, the artist is now happy in the arms of her husband Benjamin Bellecour, with whom she had two children: Ava, 12 years old and Elias, 4 years old. “I couldn’t find my place she recalls about her very young years. JI was just a child. I didn’t feel legitimate. I did not feel well. It was very overwhelming to feel the pressure of this big machine, to be one of the cogs in it..Time, experience have forged the person she is. On January 22, 2021, she also released a new album entitled Make the flowers dance again. Nice nod to the first character she played on the boards?

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