Julien Cohen confides in his life as a couple: “My wife is jealous”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

For more than two years, Deal concluded gathers millions of followers every afternoon on France 2. A program which owes its success to its original concept but also to its buyers with colorful personalities. The names of Pierre-Jean Chalençon, Caroline Margeridon and Julien Cohen are today well known to the chain's viewers and second-hand dealers. The latter is also one of the most present on the show. He just offered an interview to the magazine Close in which he tells his journey and his new notoriety. The junk dealer assumes the image of arrogant and presumptuous character which he sometimes returns to the screen. "Even my wife said to me: 'Julien, you are tiring for others.' But probably, I must please the viewers, because I am systematically in each program.", he confides.

Julien Cohen reveals his trick to contain his wife's jealousy

The colleague of Pierre-Jean Chalençon says her notoriety has also turned her married life upside down. Indeed, he confides in particular to please the fairer sex: "I am mostly courted by women who are between 70 and 95 years old! Yes, my wife is jealous, but I talk enough about her on TV to disgust everyone else. They call me the Columbo d'Affaire concluded! " . Julien Cohen still concedes that he is still very much in love with his partner. "I want my wife everyday. Do you know many couples who still have desire for each other after twenty-two years of living together? I have never seen it neglected and, ten minutes after waking up, it is already impeccable.", he says.

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