Julien (Star Academy) eclipsed by his brother Mathieu? His analysis of the premium upsets the teachers…

On November 5, 2022, TF1 broadcast a new premium star Academy. A live broadcast placed under the sign of surprises. But the one reserved for Julian was not unanimous on Twitter. A moment to which the candidate returned during his debrief.

Special issue for Julien. For the first time, the 20-year-old was not on the nominees’ bench. But the public that supports him still saw red. While his fans thought he was going to perform alone on Conceived, by John Lennon, he was finally joined on stage by his brother Mathieu Canaby. Thus, both made a duet and according to viewers, the former candidate of Risingstar (M6) took advantage of his passage to pull the blanket over him.

So in summary, Julien had to sing 2 songs. He got squizzed by Garou on Downwind. And instead of his solo it is his brother in lack of notoriety who comes to steal the show. Poor guy”, “No wonder Julien has a lack of self-confidence well hidden behind humor when you have a big brother who does everything to absorb the light like that”, “Julien’s brother seems quite opportunistic or c ‘is me ? Wants to make scandals, go on TPMP, wanted the light on him on the benefits with his brother. I have a little trouble with him… Quite self-centered the guy”, “Julien’s brother took up too much space in the performance? it’s pointless on his part. He should have made himself smaller instead of wanting to be noticed…“, we were able to read in particular.

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