Juliette Armanet: this title by Michel Sardou that she hates: Current Woman Le MAG

Monday August 7, 2023, Juliette Armanet answered questions from the Belgian media Tipik, and one of his answers could at least surprise… or not! “What are three songs that could make you come home if you hear them at a party?”, he was asked. The singer answered without hesitation: “The Lakes of Connemara, three times”, did she say. But then, why so much hatred towards this piece which still makes many partygoers dance today? “It’s really a song that disgusts me deeply. This scout side, the very sectarian thing, the music is filthy. It’s from the right. Nothing is right!”, she said into the microphone Tipik. A clear-cut opinion, on which she does not intend to return! If she interpreted a good number of French pieces, like The black Eagle, or The mills of my heart, there is no risk of hearing it on Sardou.

A crazy success

Since the release of his album Girlfriend in 2017, Juliette Armanet enjoyed resounding success which was only confirmed with her album Burn the fire in 2021. Since then, the disco pro has been touring and performing at festivals. His album has also sold more than 200,000 copies. and was certified platinum. On July 3, 2023, the singer was Audrey Crespo-Mara’s guest on the show seven to eight, during which she confided a lot in her grandmother. She died of Alzheimer’s disease. Juliette Armanet wanted to pay tribute to him for having transmitted to him the taste for music. “It’s crazy, the only mental territory she had left was music. She no longer remembered her first name, or even who I was, on the other hand, when I played the piano for her, so there, if I planted myself in a note, she would say to me: ‘Ah no, no! Wait, it’s not going at all’. It was his only territory of freedom. It was what he had left as a space of consciousness “ she confided. Passionate about music since childhood, it is on the keys of her piano that Juliette Armanet pays homage to his grandmother at each of his concerts.

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