Juliette Mayniel: French actress dies at 87

Juliette Mayniel
French actress dies at 87

Juliette Mayniel was 87 years old.

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She was known from films like “Scream if you can” or “Funfair”. French actress Juliette Mayniel is now dead.

Mourning for Juliette Mayniel (1936-2023): The French actress died on July 21 in Mexico at the age of 87. Her son, the Italian actor Alessandro Gassmann (58), confirmed on Instagram. For an old black and white photo of him and his mother, he writes: “You are no longer here, but you will always be here, I love you, have a good trip, mom.” Further details on the cause of death are not known.

Her biggest film roles

Juliette Mayniel was born in January 1936 in the French commune of Saint-Hippolyte. She landed her first major role in the 1958 film Scream If You Can. In this country, they are best known from the film “Kirmes” (1960) by Wolfgang Staudte. At that time she received the Silver Bear at the International Film Festival in Berlin for this role.

In 1973, the French actress appeared alongside Bud Spencer (1929-2016) in “They Called Him Flatfoot”. Most recently, she had a role in the lesser-known film Bloody Shadows (1978).

Famous Descendants

From a liaison with the Italian actor Vittorio Gassman (1922-2000), Juliette Mayniel gave birth to her son Alessandro Gassmann in 1965. Her grandson is the Italian pop singer Leo Gassmann (24). Most recently she lived in Mexico, where she has now died.


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