Julio Iglesias in a wheelchair? The singer breaks the silence and talks about his health

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Julia Iglesias has spoken out on social media after the first rumors of her deteriorating health emerged in Hispanic media in recent days. What is it really ?

What should we think of the rumors that have emerged in recent days suggesting that Julio Iglesias was in poor health? Indeed, while the artist has decided to allow himself more time for himself and his family in his Dominican residence in Punta Cana, the Peruvian television channel America affirms that he would actually be in the grip of difficulties. The one who hasn’t recorded a record since 2017 and Mexico & Amigos “evil mastery motor and cognitive functionsil can’t even remember his own songs reported host Matías Vázquez on the show late, suggesting that he was currently in a wheelchair and stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. Unlikely?

79-year-old dad of Enrique Iglesias would actually be fine. At least that’s what he himself said on social networks this Wednesday, May 31. The interpreter of Me olvide de Vivir posted a cropped photo below his bust, sideways gaze, and a lengthy message in which he first addresses his worries.

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Julio Iglesias thanks his audience

Concerns related to the proportions taken by his absence and his desire to stay away from the spotlight. “I’m very concerned to see what triggered the fact that I chose to give myself some time alone. To those who have spread doubt about my state of health, I would tell them that I am DPM” he first wanted to point out on Instagram, referring to the expression “de puta madre”. In the process, he thanks the public who remain faithful to him after all these years, confident that he has no “never had a clearer mind” that currently for thewriting his memoirs.

Very annoyed by everything he has been able to read and hear lately, he struggles to understand all the “speculations” that surround his state of health, simply because he does not wish “not doing interviews at this time”. “I read everywhere that I’m in a wheelchair, with a lost mind and that I can’t even remember my songs. How can you be so mean and say so many wicked things?” he concluded with his 426,000 followers that he wishes to reassure. Those pay him back… The message posted on Julio Iglesias’ Instagram account received no less than 60,000 likes. likes within a few hours. Suffice to say that the public is still there in 2023!


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