Julius Brink: With his family on a camping trip in southern France

Julius Brink is drawn to southern France on summer vacation. The 38-year-old converted an old fire truck into a camper.

Motorhomes and caravans are more popular than ever in Corona summer. More and more holidaymakers are discovering the camping trip for themselves, and Julius Brink (38) is no exception. The multiple world and European beach volleyball champion has converted an old fire truck into a camper for two years. In September, he and his wife Verena and their two sons went from Cologne to France. The family has already taken the first short trips.

"I totally like being 'wild' somewhere with the camper," enthuses Brink. "Ideally I jump into a lake or stream in the morning, I only did that a few weeks ago in Westhoven." The 38-year-old no longer has a problem with his psoriasis – medically called psoriasis – when bathing. While many sufferers are trying to hide the flaky plaques on their elbows and legs, Brink has learned to accept himself and his illness. "Sure, there will be questions from our son about the plaques or the 'emery' skin. But I'm not embarrassed. Psoriasis belongs to me like my blonde hair and blue eyes."

"I saw the complete stigma"

It was different in his youth: "I saw the complete stigma," recalls the 38-year-old athlete, "while showering, in the sauna, in the outdoor pool. Not a good time! It was a long process to deal with it more relaxed."

Thanks to suitable treatment, the affected skin areas are hardly noticeable anymore today – and if they do, it is "completely sniff". His beach body is more important to him, especially now in summer. "I try to run twice a week," he reveals his fitness routine. He also likes to box. The daily bike tour to kindergarten also keeps Brink fit. "I don't train especially for the beach body, I didn't do that during active times, but I do more sports in summer than in winter," he admits.