Jungle camp: tentative camp romance and corona failure

jungle camp
Timid camp romance and corona failure

Will Filip Pavlovic and Tara Tabitha continue to grow closer?


In the jungle camp, a camper had to sort out her feelings. There was also bad news: Lucas Cordalis will not move in.

Day three in the RTL jungle camp: On Sunday evening (January 23) some challenges awaited the campers of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (also on RTL+). An unlikely duo struggled for stars and one contestant experienced an emotional rollercoaster. Sonja Zietlow (53) and Daniel Hartwich (43) also had bad news to deliver: After his positive corona test, singer Lucas Cordalis (54) had hoped to be able to move into the camp later. But the “risk is just too great,” Zietlow explained the final rejection.

Bitch queens move into the trauma house

The two brawlers Janina Youssefian (39) and Linda Nobat (26) had to prove their team spirit in the jungle test “Traumahaus der Stars”. Before that, they tried unsuccessfully to put their quarrels aside. Did Nobat call Youssefian “stupid” or did Youssefian interrupt conversations with Nobat several times? They couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.

In the trauma house they had to make their way past South African animals and heaps of stinking rubbish. Eleven stars were hidden in the chaos. In addition, a key had to be found in the first room in order to unlock the second room. After a few unpleasant surprises and a lot of shouting, the two left the special property with five stars they had fought for. The spectators found the duo so convincing that they are allowed to compete again in the upcoming test. Anouschka Renzi (57) and Harald Glööckler (56) can also prove themselves with them.

Romance with obstacles?

Filip Pavlovic, 27, and Tara Tabitha, 28, have become closer over the past few days, but the reality TV actress worries the interest might be a bit one-sided. “I want to go to an exam so that Filip will miss me for a day,” she revealed to Nobat. The 27-year-old doesn’t pay enough attention to her and “don’t touch her that much”. She also doesn’t want “people to believe that we’re doing a show for the quota, because that’s not it.”

In a sad moment, she explained to the chosen one that “everything is just a bit much” and that she feels very watched by the TV viewers. When the tears flowed with her, Pavlovic immediately showed improvement and comforted her with a warm hug. Tabitha then explained in a happier mood that she wanted to continue to get to know her camp reference person, regardless of what people outside the camp think about it. She is also happy to share details about her own life. Among other things, she explained that she had an “Only Fans” account just for her feet. Pavlovic’s relaxed verdict: “I have no problem with that.” She thinks “Tara and Filip are really cute. I see it that something can develop there,” said fellow camper Nobat.

Linda Nobat likes the traditional role model

Nobat has very clear ideas about her own choice of men. She wanted her partner “to bring more financial stability to our relationship than I do,” she explained to fellow campers. Although she can finance herself, she doesn’t want to have to finance a man. In addition, she finds the “traditional role model” better, said Nobat. “I’m also willing to stay at home, put my career on hold, run my husband a bath when he gets home from work, give him a massage, cook something nice.” Nevertheless, she is emancipated because she decides for herself how she would like to live.

Bodyguard and actor Peter Althof (66) exchanged views with Pavlovic in a quiet moment. He had had no contact with his son for three years. “He said to me: I’m breaking up with you dad. What else can you say when your boy says that to you?” He learned from a third person that his son wanted to pursue his participation in the jungle camp. Pavlovic, he has a good relationship with his father, was sad. “Every son needs a father. Why does something always have to happen first so that you know what you have in each other.” Addressing Althof’s son, he explained to the camera: “Take the first step and show that you love him.”


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