Jungle Camp: The five weirdest participants of all time

Jungle camp
The five weirdest participants of all time

Danni Büchner mixed up the jungle camp 2020.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Bitches, outbursts and weird habits: These ex-jungle campers were on top form in the Australian wilderness.

Ex- "Bachelor" Oliver Sanne (34), "Prince Charming" candidate Sam Dylan (29) and reality star Christina Dimitriou (29) will have to prove themselves from this Thursday (January 21) in the tiny house of the RTL jungle show (10:15 p.m. on RTL and via TVNow). They are fighting to move into the jungle camp in 2022 and have to prove to TV viewers that they can provide the best entertainment in Australia. Your predecessors have presented properly: With bitches, quirks and misconduct, these participants top the list of weirdest jungle campers from 14 seasons.

Helmut Berger

Actor Helmut Berger (76) only had two days in the jungle in 2013 before he had to stop for health reasons. But the short stay was all the more memorable thanks to a mixture of star attitudes and embarrassment. Even before he left for Australia, Berger made a name for himself: He is said to have appeared at Frankfurt airport drunk. There have already been several premature exits to the jungle. Ex-Federal Minister Günther Krause (67) had to leave the camp after the first day in 2020 for health reasons. Probably the most spectacular finish: Pop singer Michael Wendler (48) had enough of the jungle camp on the fourth day in 2014. He wanted to go back afterwards, but wasn't allowed to.

Larissa Marolt

Annoying, clumsy and over-the-top: That's how you experienced the former "GNTM" candidate Larissa Marolt (28) in the eighth season of the jungle camp. But while the audience enjoyed the Austrian's complaints, Marolt's quirks were less well received by her camp roommates. It only took a few hours until she got rid of her image as an annoying camp bitch – and that stayed with her until the final, in the end she made it to second place behind Melanie Müller (32).

Sarah Knappik

Larissa's top model colleague Sarah Knappik (34) also dominated zickerei and even inspired her fellow campers to a protest movement. After the blonde had upset almost the entire camp in season five, her colleagues threatened to boycott the program if Knappik did not leave the camp immediately. Mathieu Carrière (70) even got on his knees in front of her and begged her to leave. The model gave in and finally left the jungle after ten days.

Bastian Yotta

In the 13th season, reality TV star Bastian Yotta (44) not only pestered "Currywurstmann" and camp competitor Chris Töpperwien (46), with his "Miracle Morning" ritual the coach also caused embarrassing moments in everyday life in the jungle. Ex- "GNTM" candidate Gisele Opperman (33) also got a lot of attention during the season. She was appropriately chosen to be the camp crybaby and cried her way through numerous jungle tests.

Daniela Büchner

Daniela Büchner (42), who shot against her fellow campers with a few tips, kept her fellow campers busy in 2020. In the end, she even wrote jungle history: she had to take the disgust test a total of twelve times. With that she broke Larissa Marolt's record. At the big reunion of the jungle campers, Büchner, the presenter Sonja Zietlow (52) called "the woman who divided Germany", was self-critical: "I was also a pain in the ass to the ten." The situation would have been too much for her, which is why she would not have noticed what "crap" she had said.