Jungle show: "El Romantico", "Ghetto Bitch" and "Trash Queen"

New candidates in the "Jungle Show": This happens when "El Romantico", a "Ghetto Bitch" and a "Trash Queen" collide.

New episode, next move in: After the second group of candidates was allowed to say goodbye the day before at "I am a star – The great jungle show", three new applicants moved in on the seventh day. Oliver Sanne (34), Sam Dylan (29) and Christina Dimitriou (29), ex- "Bachelor", "Prince Charming" candidate and reality star, moved into a tiny house on Thursday on RTL (also on TVNow) and got started right away, at least on their topics of conversation. The new participants, who are fighting for a "golden ticket" to move into the jungle camp in 2022, talked about their first time, cosmetic surgery and a forced outing.

"Fake outside, real inside"

Dimitriou, described by Dylan as the "real ghetto bitch", explained that when she was 21 she had her nose and chest done for the first time in cosmetic surgery. She also doesn't stop at sprayed lips and botox, but her butt has not yet been touched. She is "fake on the outside, real inside" and "loves" to have an operation, which Dylan, who is striving for a career as a "trash queen", apparently cannot understand at all because he "doesn't think much of surgical operations" .

He also openly asked Dimitriou: "Have you ever slept with someone for money?" She replied directly in the negative and was proud to have achieved everything "without spreading my legs". Later she looked slightly annoyed about the question, but she couldn't take him seriously. "That was so provocative, you have to say," said Sanne. So far, however, there should not be a dispute between the candidates. In a short preview, however, it could be seen that the emotions could still boil up.

Meanwhile, Dylan wanted to know from Sanne, who described himself as "El Romantico" and "Alphatier", whether he had slept with all the candidates during his time at the "Bachelor". "That's the goal, of course," joked Sanne. "I'm not a child of sadness either. (…) We probably did a bit of petting." Then he told about his first time. At first it didn't work out properly for him because of the sheer excitement, then not for his partner at the time, but "at some point it worked out". He also confessed: "I always find women horny." The former "Bachelor" is a bit like Jesus, he has "love for everyone".

Dylan was outed when he was 17

But there were also more serious issues. Dylan said, for example, that at the age of 17 he was forcibly outed by a significantly older man. He suddenly stood on the doorstep of Dylan's parents and said that he loved their son. The 29-year-old was even taken to a psychologist by his mother.

The first test for the trio was putting their heads in boxes and answering knowledge questions. Of course, the candidates got to do with all sorts of animals: "Oh f-ck, dude", Sanne explained after cockroaches were poured over him, Dylan could only think of his hair despite his claustrophobia and Dimitriou got it of all things dealing with snakes that she is afraid of: "F-ck my whole life. (…) This is tough for me right now."

Sanne was then the only one who could keep a cool head. He earned three out of four possible stars, Dylan got one star and Dimitriou received nothing. After the exam, her tension eased and she burst into tears. She later judged: "It was really tough that I survived it." Dylan, meanwhile, was still worried about his hair. In the favor of the audience is currently – in this order – Sanne ahead of Dylan and Dimitriou.