Jungle Show: The soul striptease continues

Jungle show
The soul striptease continues

Christina Dimitriou starts throwing at the "wheel of misfortune"

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

On their second day, "El Romantico", "Ghetto Bitch" and the future "Trash Queen" burst into emotions and everyone cried.

Group three, day two of "Ich bin ein Star – Die große Jungle Show" on RTL (also on TVNow): With ex- "Bachelor" Oliver Sanne (34), "Prince Charming" candidate Sam Dylan (29) and Reality- Starlet Christina Dimitriou (29) continued the soul striptease in the tiny house – including many tears. Dimitriou spoke of bullying and abuse in her youth by her peers. Since then, she'd found it difficult to open up.

Sanne reported on his "Down after the Bachelor". During training he suffered a herniated disc. The pain was "unbearable": "I was in bed and cried." After 13 weeks of hospital and rehab, he was physically fit again, but all income had been lost and he was broke. "I am glad that I am fine again today", Sanne reported in the interview room with tears.

"Did you call me a prostitute?"

Later there was a crash between Dylan and Dimitriou. Nobody knew exactly what it was all about. Someone had called someone a prostitute. But Dylan didn't give up and Dimitriou became more and more aggressive. In the end, Dylan cried uncontrollably in the interview room and even toyed with the idea of ​​breaking off. Dimitriou's comment: "I always hate that howling. Like such a victim." Of course, Dylan stayed and pretended to be combative before the exam.

This has it all: In the "Unglücksrad" the trio was strapped to a large wooden wheel that turned clockwise. With each turn, one of the candidates hung with his head in a basin full of murky water. Meanwhile, Dylan had to spell ten words and the other two had to throw balls into a basket. Only if the word was correct and the ball landed in the net afterwards, there was a star. The bottom line was that it worked exactly twice. A meager yield.

The men are in the favor of the audience

Nevertheless, Dylan moved up to first place in the intermediate ranking after the second day. Sanne slipped down to second place. The two men would then move into the semifinals and would have the chance of 50,000 euros and the golden ticket for the jungle camp in 2022. For Dimitriou, the dream would be over. The decision will not be made until the next third day.