Jupiter Jones: New single "Everywhere were shadows" for the first time in the live stream

Jupiter Jones
New single "Everywhere were shadows" for the first time in the live stream

Sascha Eigner (left) and Nicholas Müller at a concert in 2013

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The recently reunited Jupiter Jones will stream their first live concert on January 19th – including a new single

No sooner have Jupiter Jones ("Still") announced their comeback, today, Tuesday (January 19th), fans can enjoy their first concert in more than two years. Nicholas Müller (40) and Sascha Eigner will be performing live for the first time on their new single "Überall war Schatten" for the first time in the live stream via the Amazon Music app or on the German Amazon Music channel on Twitch.

As the band revealed on Instagram, in addition to the new song, six more will be performed for the best. "Including two new ones and one from each album on which we both worked together. So a small factory show," it says there. The recordings for the concert took place on the houseboat owned by Olli Schulz (47) and Fynn Kliemann (32). In addition to Jupiter Jones, DIY artist Pano is also part of the party.

That's Jupiter Jones 2021

Nicholas Müller left Jupiter Jones in 2014 because of his anxiety disorder. Svaen Lauer took over for him until the band finally split up after their last concert on September 1, 2018. On January 15, 2021, Müller and Eigner announced the comeback of Jupiter Jones with a video: "At Easter 2019 we met and talked and decided that the story was not yet over," said Müller.

However, the band returns in a slightly different form: Andreas Becker (bass) and Marco Hontheim (drums), the other two members of the previous line-up, are no longer part of the group. They are at a point in their life "at which Jupiter Jones should not be the main task," explains Müller. But that would not mean that they would have become a "hit duo with a drum computer", live they would be supported by other "super friends".

The single "Everywhere were shadows" was released on January 29th. A new album can also be expected this year. "Brüllende Fahnen", the band's last studio album, was released in 2018.