Jura Death threats and harassment: a 27-year-old Ledonian sends hundreds of messages to his ex

“I’m going to kill you all, I’m going to burn everything in front of your house, I’m going to kill you. “Laurie *, 24, receives hundreds of messages on February 23, 2021 from her companion, tried before the criminal court for harassment, death threats and violence, this Tuesday, January 18.

While his friend is away for two days, Thibault* “becomes paranoid” and sends her a salvo of messages, each one more frightening than the other. The president reads them calmly, while the 27-year-old defendant waddles around, uncomfortable. “I had been drinking, I had taken a little Xanax, I didn’t feel well, I was afraid that she would leave me… It’s inconsistent, it’s by doing all that that you lose people “, he regrets, bitter.

An impairment of discernment

After these facts, his 24-year-old companion files a first complaint. Laurie details to the police that her companion is threatening to commit suicide and that he is trying to find her. Thibault wants to have “one last conversation” with her. 1er March 2021, he goes outside his home and waits for Laurie to come out of her house. He follows her and while she manages to take refuge in her doctor’s building, he bumps into a man who tries to intervene. The latter will file a complaint for violence. “Yes, I went in force, so I may have pushed him, but without wanting to hurt him,” admits Thibault. Moreover, according to his ex, “he was never violent with me. He’s the one he’s hurting by kicking things…”

After two suicide attempts, the Lédonien will be hospitalized for a time at the CHS Saint-Ylie in Dole, where he will be followed in psychiatry. “The expertise concludes that there was an alteration in discernment at the time of the facts”, recalls the prosecutor, who underlines in his requisitions the two previous convictions of the defendant, all “in connection with an addiction, cannabis or alcohol. The victim meanwhile, had to stop for several days and is afraid to return to Lons-le-Saunier.

Defense lawyer Marjorie Weiermann recalled that her client “was in extreme pain at the time. The victim’s statements plead in his favour: she describes him as kind, caring, but notes that he hurts himself. She got what she wanted, that he left her alone. The court will follow the prosecutor’s requisitions to the letter and sentence him to treatment, but also to a prison term of 4 months, fully accompanied by a probationary period of 18 months.

*Names have been changed

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